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I have been a licensed doctor of occupational therapist for 16 years, using my clinical skills to help patients and families with home safety assessments and rehabilitation interventions. I also provide education and training to caregivers for those with cognitive decline. "I enjoy providing patients and families with the tools, education, and adaptive techniques to help them live safely and successfully at home. My extensive experience enables me to identify their key needs and align them with their physical, mental, and emotional environment.

A Bit About My Approach:

I am a strong patient advocate with keen emotional intelligence who supports patients' cultural, spiritual, and physical needs while developing strategic plans for their home safety. A proactive planning approach and implementation of an individualized action plan can help address both current and future home safety issues. Together, we will determine goals, equipment needs and an educational plan to help you remain safe, successful, and confident at home.

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I aim to partner with patients and families to make proactive decisions about home safety and planning rather than waiting for a health crisis. I'm skilled at identifying safety hazards, educating patients about fall prevention, and helping them stay safe while respecting their dignity and choices.

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