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As a board certified genetic counselor, my medical-related training spans all medical specialties and includes psycho-social training to help patients be able to integrate their diagnosis into their lives. My background provides an ideal crossover to be able to offer care management support as a patient advocate. I value and utilize patient education to empower each individual in their medical journey by distilling difficult medical concepts into something that anyone can understand. I also can provide resources such as patient support groups, testing options, and refer patients to necessary medical professionals. I have first hand experience with helping individuals and families with medication management, autism (ASD), dementia and Alzheimer's, stroke, cancer, mental health (depression, anxiety, BPD), mold-related illness, and rare diseases. I believe in the merits of integrating traditional western medicine with a holistic approach that considers lifestyle and diet. I offer support in-person in the Bay Area, CA, or over the phone or video calls for anyone in the US. I am happy to attend and help facilitate medical appointments with you or your loved one, either in person or called in. I provide thorough note-taking and regular updates via the portal and text messages and offer a flexible after-hours and weekend schedule to meet your needs. I envision being a supportive member of a patient's healthcare team while also being their confidant. Sometimes patients are too afraid to ask a doctor a question, or admit that they are not taking their medication as prescribed - this is why building trust with frequent check-ins and a non-judgmental approach can make a huge difference in care management. By understanding psychologically what is driving a patient's fears, hesitancies, or anxieties, I can help foster the conversations needed in order to alleviate those concerns and improve patient's adherence and commitment to their medical plan. I also specialize in and offer pharmacogenomic testing which provides tailored insight to which medications to use or avoid based on a patient's genetic ability to metabolize most commonly prescribed medications. I have found that since some patients have trouble tolerating certain medications, having a profile of which medications work best for them means they are more likely and willing to actually take the medication, while increasing the efficacy and patient satisfaction. This can be especially helpful for anti-depressant medications and clinically actionable results can be back within a week. Understanding the healthcare system puts a patient at an advantage when it comes to receiving optimal care. I am grateful for my training as a genetic counselor to be able to share this knowledge in order to best advocate for and support a patient while navigating an often already mentally, emotionally, and physically taxing time in their life.

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Care Management

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Care Coordination

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Cardiology (Heart Conditions)

More About Lauren

California State University, Stanislaus with collaboration from University of California San Francisco

Master's of Science in Genetic Counseling

2014 - 2016

University of California, Santa Barbara College of Creative Studies

Bachelor of Arts, Biology

2009 - 2013



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