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As a breast cancer survivor, I have experienced the healthcare system's complexities and intricacies. I understand individuals' challenges when navigating their breast cancer journey, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. My experience has shown me the significance of having the right support system and its impact on one's well-being. With a Master's degree in Health Services Administration, I have gained a deep understanding of the importance of planning, directing, and coordinating medical and health services. This knowledge enables me to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system and advocate for the comprehensive care that breast cancer patients deserve. Moreover, my degree in Social Work has provided me with invaluable skills in assisting clients in navigating the emotional and practical aspects of their healthcare journey. To continuously grow as a professional and enhance my expertise, I am an active member of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, where I engage in ongoing education and training. This commitment ensures that I stay abreast of the latest advancements and best practices in the field, allowing me to provide the most up-to-date support to my clients. In addition, I am proud to be a member of the National Breast Cancer Coalition, a community dedicated to raising awareness, funding research, and supporting initiatives that improve the lives of breast cancer patients. I take pride in assisting breast cancer clients. Let's embark on this journey with hope and strength, knowing we are not alone!

Top Specialties
Care Transitions

Care Transitions

Care Coordination

Care Coordination

Concierge Services

Concierge Services

Owner | Founder

Still Here LLC

2023 - Present

Apex, NC

Help clients find doctors, coordinate appointments, arrange transportation, facilitate communication between clients and healthcare providers, help locate support groups, organize, and manage their medical records for easy access, etc.

Billing Success Consultant

eAssist Dental Billing Solutions

2013 - Present

American Fork, UT

Provide guidance and support in navigating complex insurance claims, reimbursement procedures, and billing regulations. Collaborate with healthcare teams and patients to ensure accurate billing practices and facilitate positive financial experiences.

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Strayer University

Master of Health Services Administration

Wake Tech Community College

Certified Dental Assistiant

University of North Carolina Charlotte

Bachelor of Social Work



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