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Professional Health Consultant, Complex Illness, MCAS & Lyme Disease, Founder of Purity Patient Advocates LLC

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As a former complex case, I spent ten years assembling my own complex health puzzle as I was unable to obtain answers from over twenty physicians in two states. I was also my father's advocate when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1998. After my personal horrific journey, I realized there were millions of people going through a similar scenario who need a trusted guide and expert. Misdiagnosis is on the rise at healthcare practitioner offices due to appointment time constraints (insurance companies) and lack of training on complex illness. Many patients are handed a pill for symptom relief but it doesn't identify the root cause of their symptoms or illness, leaving them to suffer. My clients come to me because I truly understand their fears and frustrations. I empathize with their situation and will utilize my expertise to help them accomplish their health goals. They understand the value of retaining me in that I work directly for them and NOT for an insurance company or risk management department. In many cases, my paid one hour initial consultation may help bring clarity to a very frustrating situation where the client has "slipped down a rabbit hole" and been ignored, gaslighted or told, "It's all in your head."

A Bit About My Approach:

I treat each one of my clients as an extension of my family. Most are motivated and were extremely active individuals before falling mysteriously ill. I am compassionate, transparent and collaborative when working with my clients and their chosen healthcare team. My in depth assessment is a critical part of my process when working with a complex client. The assessment is designed to identify or uncover areas that have been overlooked by practitioners who have a limited amount of time to spend with their patient(s). IMPORTANT: The assessment is a detailed, intense interview that may take several hours and is priced differently that the hourly rate shown on my Solace profile. A strategy and plan of action are developed from the results of the in depth assessment. This enables my clients to be empowered with critical information to make the best possible choices with their healthcare plan of action execution. My expertise/knowledge on Lyme disease, complex and autoimmune illness allows me to help individuals who have been suffering unnecessarily while potentially saving them time and money. There is no price you can place on your quality of life or long term suffering. Integrity is a core part of my personal values. Therefore, I will never accept a client who needs assistance in a specialized area outside my scope of expertise.

What To Expect From Our Intro Call:

In your one hour paid phone consultation, you will have an opportunity to share your current situation and what you are seeking to accomplish with me. Example #1: You are very ill and have seen ten physicians for unusual symptoms impacting your quality of life and no one seems to take you seriously or you feel gaslighted. Example #2: You have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease but are still ill after being treated or you were denied treatment. Example #3: Your parent has been falling and lives too far away for you to help. You are concerned that your parent has been prescribed too many medications by various practitioners. You want an advocate to investigate and review your loved one(s) history, records, prepare/attend doctor appointments and ensure they are receiving quality care. Example #4: You are questioning your recent diagnosis and need help pursuing a second or third medical opinion.

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Complex & Catastrophic Diagnoses

Complex & Catastrophic Diagnoses

Care Coordination

Care Coordination

Care Assessments

Care Assessments

Lyme & Tickborne Disease Advocate


2011 - 2021


I promoted awareness of Lyme and tickborne disease by meeting with and educating state senators in Savannah, Georgia. I was also involved in educating the public through a global social media campaign called "Lyme Disease Challenge" from 2015-2019. The media, public figures, celebrities, medical professionals and the public participated in this awareness campaign on social media. I also represented the state of Georgia in 2017-2019 by having the governor issue a proclamation for Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

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Armstrong State College/Savannah State University

Bachelor of Business Administration with a Degree in Marketing



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