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Arosa is the premier provider of integrated care management and caregiving services. Our compassionate care professionals are supported and celebrated as they care for our clients and provide peace of mind for the whole family. Care Elevated We promise to elevate the experience of care for our teammates, our clients, and their loved ones. Integrated Care Management We know that the integration of care management and home care leads to higher satisfaction for all. Happier Teammates Lead to Happier Clients We believe that the highest quality care can only be delivered by professionals who feel cared for themselves. We exist to help you live the life you desire with a sense of joy and fulfillment. Elevated Care, with You in Mind We know that your independence is of utmost importance and will work with you to ensure you remain an active participant in your aging journey. Our care professionals are professionally trained, thoroughly vetted, and empowered by us to provide compassionate care so you can feel confident you’re in excellent hands. Unlike most home care companies, we create customized care plans that meet the level of support you want and need—with the flexibility to adapt to new needs or wishes at any time. We know that the very best care requires an understanding not only of your needs, but just as importantly, your personality, preferences, priorities, and values. What do you enjoy most? How can we honor your values and priorities while tending to your physical and social well-being, thus enhancing your peace of mind and quality of life? These are the questions we actively seek the answers to every day. Our team-based approach of care managers and caregivers allows us to focus on our clients’ physical and mental wellness. Our full-picture approach includes: *Utilizing a team approach with family, trusted advisors, and other care professionals *Setting clear goals *Helping individuals stay fully engaged in the aging journey *Promoting exercise, good balance, and home safety *Focusing on resilience, healing, and the best possibilities in every situation Ensuring peace of mind, trust, and reliability. Elevated Care, with the Entire Trusted Circle in Mind At Arosa, we believe in keeping the entire trust circle actively involved in care plan development so we can make informed choices that are truly in the client’s best interests. We know that aging is a family affair, affecting not only the senior, but all those who love and care for them. We know that the very best care honors this interdependence and is deeply rooted in it – we work together with family members and loved ones towards shared, meaningful goals. As we get to know the seniors we work with, we get to know their trust circle, too: children, grandchildren, life partners, advisors, friends — all of whom are touched by the aging process. We schedule regular check-ins with family members in-person (or by phone or video for family members living away from their loved one) so that everyone is well informed of their loved one’s condition and all are able to discuss any needed changes to the care plan until the next check-in.

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Aging Life Care

Aging Life Care



Assisted Living & Nursing Home Placement

Assisted Living & Nursing Home Placement

Area Director Middle Tennessee


2010 - Present

Brentwood, TN

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