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Board Certified in Case Management, Board Certified Patient Advocacy

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My role is to remove obstacles that impede care outcomes, coordinate and manage needed resources and control costs.


My approach is to understand clearly the goals and objectives that my clients want to accomplish. Once that has been identified then we build a care plan to move forward in identifying and removing obstacles that are impeding care outcomes, identify needed resources and control the costs of moving from point A to point B. My role is to solve problems and in doing so I must have the skills to work collaboratively with physicians and case managers, insurance companies, community resources and government programs.

Top Specialties
Aging Life Care

Aging Life Care

Assisted Living & Nursing Home Placement

Assisted Living & Nursing Home Placement

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Founder and Owner

Putnam Health Advocates

Clearwater, FL

Provide case management and patient advocacy services to a vast demographic throughout the US. Experience includes, but is not limited to, trauma, cancer, chronic disease, end of life, stroke and spinal cord injuries and organ transplantation.

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Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Bachelor's of Science - Rehabilitation Science

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