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Board Certified Patient Advocate: Healthcare & Medical Care Navigation and Advocacy

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As a board-certified, independent patient advocate, I'm dedicated to guiding clients through their medical journey with confidence. My approach involves empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system by facilitating clear communication and providing compassionate guidance. With expertise in healthcare, I help clients overcome challenges and find clarity in what can often feel like navigating a maze.

A Bit About My Approach:

At Patient Advocates of Southwest FL, LLC, we adopt a client-centered approach focused on self-reliance, determination, and patient rights. Informed decision-making is at the heart of equipping and ensuring clients, or those they love, with choices that align with their needs and beliefs, not someone else's. "No," is never a settling point. We tailor strategies for clients (patients or their caregivers) navigating a system where, regrettably, the patient is no longer the primary focus.

What To Expect From Our Intro Call:

During our introductory call, expect a personalized discussion focused on understanding your unique needs, challenges, and goals. We'll explore how our services can support you in navigating the complexities of the healthcare system and achieving optimal health outcomes. Our goal is to provide clarity, guidance, and empowerment as we embark on this healthcare journey together.

Top Specialties
Oncology (Cancer)

Oncology (Cancer)

Cardiology (Heart Conditions)

Cardiology (Heart Conditions)

Nephrology (Kidney Diseases)

Nephrology (Kidney Diseases)

Founder and Senior Managing Director

Patient Advocates of Southwest FL, LLC

2021 - Present

Punta Gorda, FL

Patient advocacy and navigation for clients and/or those they love, who are seeking solutions, support, strategies, guidance and coaching.

Air Critical Care

Punta Gorda, FL

2020 - 2022

Punta Gorda, FL

Long Distance Medical Transport: Advocacy & Support

More About CarolAnne

Alvernia School of Practical Nursing


1977 - 1988

University of Maine at Fort Kent

Bachelor of Science (Summa Cum Laude)

1997 - 2001

University of Maine

Graduate Certificate: Health Care Administation

2001 - 2003

Bay Path University

Master of Science

2009 - 2011

Licenses & Certifications

Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA)

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