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Malika Moore is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the District of Columbia and Maryland. Aging & Amazing serves the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. She has over 10 years of experience as a professional, clinician, public speaker, and business owner and has a genuine passion for older adults and caregivers. Malika’s work in behavioral health, community education, and healthcare have prepared her for her current venture of serving the aging population, their caregivers, and professionals who specialize in aging. Malika has served in several different capacities in her professional career, including clinician, geriatric care manager, medical social worker, psychotherapist, support group facilitator, and adjunct professor. Malika has transformed her passion into purpose that is deeply rooted in her professional knowledge as a licensed social worker. Aging & Amazing has evolved to allow her skills as a broker and advocate to bring together likeminds, talents, and even struggles to produce positive possibilities. She is passionate about working with the most vulnerable populations and has worked with individuals across lifespan and social demographics to provide these vital services to the community. Malika is a leader who enjoys uplifting and inspiring others. Malika holds dearly and values her family and friends and is personally invested in ensuring we all know that it is possible to live and be Aging & Amazing!

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Aging Life Care

Aging Life Care

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Assisted Living & Nursing Home Placement

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