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KTS Advocacy/Board Certified Patient Advocate, MSW, LSW serving Greater Cincinnati and across the U.S.

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I have passion and will bring CALM....Case Management, Advocacy, Liaison between providers, Medical Navigation/Negotiations


KTS Advocacy is owned and operated by Karen Silber, MSW, LSW, BCPA. Karen has extensive experience in healthcare. She is comfortable working with different types of providers and understands hospital systems including all the nuances of insurance, such as benefits, prior authorizations, claims and billing. She also has experience and a passion in negotiating medical bills. Karen offers a free consultation. During your first call she will make you feel at ease and comfortable with explaining your advocacy needs. As you continue to work with her, she will communicate frequently. She will walk in your shoes with you and bring you peace of mind. As an independent advocate, she will work directly for you and your best interest. She will guide you through your difficult decisions. As a Case Manager, Advocate, Liaison, and Medical Navigator, Karen will assist in arranging home services, and health care appointments, review medical records, arrange community resources, and provide help for end-of-life care. She knows how to communicate and coordinate with health care teams and translate all the confusing medical jargon. She will also communicate directly with insurance regarding both billing and denials. Based in the Greater Cincinnati area, KTS Advocacy serves clients across the US. Through experience, compassion, and communication, KTS brings peace of mind and CALM to the turbulence of managing health care. Karen is a proud member of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and is certified by the Patient Advocate Certification Board.

Top Specialties
Benefits Navigation

Benefits Navigation

Medical Bill Negotiations

Medical Bill Negotiations

Care Coordination

Care Coordination

Oncology Social Worker

St. Luke Hospital

1990 - 1993

Ft. Thomas, KY

Responsible for needs assessment, discharge planning, community referrals, supportive counseling and crisis intervention; participate in multi-disciplinary clinical meetings.

Home Care Liaison

Mercy Home Health Care

1999 - 2008

Fairfield, OH

Responsible for home care services assessment/coordination from hospital/skilled nursing facility; participate in multi-disciplinary clinical meetings.

More About Karen

Miami University

BA in Sociology, Minor in Social Work

1983 - 1987

University of Kentucky

Master's in Social Work

1988 - 1990

Licenses & Certifications

Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA)

Licensed Master Level Social Worker (LMSW)



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