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My mission is to help people age and transition with dignity and grace.


Prepare to Care Emergency Companions, LLC, was created by Carole Hirsch, a board-certified patient advocate. The mission is to help people age and transition with dignity and grace. In her 24 years of advocating, Carole has found elders often do not experience having control and choice in their aging process. And she also saw that people often were unprepared for medical crises, and risked having to go to the hospital alone in an emergency. Hence, Prepare to Care (giving voice to care choices) - Emergency Companions (no one has to go to the hospital alone) was created. Carole earned her bachelor's degree in Recreation Therapy and an MBA in Emergency Planning. Carole also completed Patient Advocate training from the University of Miami in 2013. In addition to advocating for the frail and elderly, she works as a Community Liaison (marketer) for several healthcare companies. She also sits on the board as Outreach Chair for the Palm Beach County Partnership for Aging. Carole was born in Detroit, MI and has lived in Israel, Southern California and Palm Beach County, Florida.

Top Specialties
Care Planning

Care Planning

Decision-Making Support

Decision-Making Support

Care Coordination

Care Coordination

Creator of Prepare to Care Patient Advocacy Services

Palm Beach County, Florida

Pre-planning for medical crisis

Marketing Health Services for the elderly and frail

LifeCare of Florida; A+ Home Health; Skilled Care Home Health

Palm Beach County, Florida

Community Liaison; Patient Advocate

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University of Miami (Alfus Patient Advocate program)

Patient Advocate Training

Florida Atlantic University


Michigan State University


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Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA)



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