Talaya Dendy

A 12-Year Cancer Thriver & Board Certified Patient Advocate Who Uses Her Personal Experience as a Former Cancer Patient to Walk with and Guide Others Diagnosed with Cancer

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Meet Talaya Dendy

I love to support and guide individuals and families impacted by cancer so they can have peace of mind and focus on healing.


Talaya Dendy is an experienced 12-year Cancer Thriver, Cancer Doula, and Independent Patient Advocate. Driven by her desire to bridge the medical and emotional sides of cancer and empower others, she takes pride in providing the best guidance, support, and assistance possible. As a Cancer Doula and Independent Patient Advocate, her goals include lightening her client's load so they can focus on healing and ensuring her clients become the gatekeepers of their health and overall quality of life. Talaya was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2011. She was pretty healthy prior to her cancer diagnosis, so she was not an experienced healthcare consumer. That changed quickly! Even though she had a great oncologist, there were still gaps in her care. Specifically emotional support and "whole person" care. Because of her personal experience with cancer, Talaya knows and understands how overwhelming and traumatizing a cancer diagnosis can be. Not just for the person diagnosed but for the whole family. One of the first thoughts that come to Talaya's mind when a person reaches out to her in need of support is, let's figure this out together! Why? It is the language of love and Talaya knows first-hand that love heals! You get through the barriers and challenges with Talaya's support using the P.E.R.L.™ Method. She is a Problem-solver. She is very Empathetic (She has been there and she gets it.). She is Resourceful. If she can't help you, she knows someone who can! She is a great Listener. Not just with her ears but also with her heart. What to Expect During Your Intro Call: • I will give you a brief introduction about myself. • I will ask that you introduce yourself. Including the challenges you are facing, what you have done so far if anything, and what you would like to accomplish by working together. • I will share how I can support you. If I can't, I will be very honest about that and assist in finding another support resource for you. • If you are ready to move forward at that time, I will share the next steps and start the agreement process. No pressure to move forward right away. • A follow-up message highlighting what we covered will be sent. PLEASE NOTE: Your investment of $30.00 for this call will go towards future services if booked within 30 days of the initial Intro call. Schedule a free Intro Call today to get started! **Saturday appointments are available by request between 10 am and 1 pm CST.**

Top Specialties
Family & Caregiver Support

Family & Caregiver Support

Emotional Support

Emotional Support

Clinical Trials & Treatment Options

Clinical Trials & Treatment Options

Cancer Doula & Board Certified Independent Patient Advocate

On the Other Side LLC

2019 - Present

Walk with and support people and families impacted by cancer by providing personalized emotional support, health care system navigation, explaining treatment options and side effects in an easy-to-understand way, improving communication, and more!

Community Consultant

Minnesota Cancer Clinical Trials Network

2022 - Present

Minneapolis, MN

Focusing on meaningful initiatives to reach, inform, and advance clinical trial participation from underserved and underrepresented communities. Build buy-in for the clinical trials campaign, shaping campaign priorities, timelines, and more

More About Talaya

Metropolitan State University

Bachelor of Arts in Science & Mathematics

Licenses & Certifications

Coach Certification Training

Adult Mental Health First Aid Certificate

Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA)

Youth Mental Health First Aid Certificate



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