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Are you staring down a pile of medical bills? Do you not know where to start? I can help!


In 2020 I became disillusioned with the tech world's lack of response to the pandemic and lack of support to employees suffering real challenges. I decided to leave tech and focus my talents on a different industry. I love breaking down systems and helping people move through them more effectively. I have experience in organizing medical bills, submitting insurance claims, negotiation, and more. I also do provider searches, appointment booking, medical research, and more. I'm happy to chat with anyone and point you to resources or other advocates if I don't have the requisite experience. As a transgender, non-binary advocate, I especially enjoy working with other transgender folks and their families to navigate the healthcare system. I also provide education for other advocates on transgender issues and the challenges we face as a community.

Top Specialties
Chronic Conditions

Chronic Conditions

Find a Doctor

Find a Doctor

Insurance & Billing

Insurance & Billing

Healthcare Advocate

Crowther Healthcare Advocacy

2021 - Present

Berkeley, CA

Manager, Technical Program Management

Pivotal Software

2016 - 2020

San Francisco, CA

More About Molly

UCLA Extension

Patient Advocacy Certificate

2020 - 2022

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Engineering: Systems Design

2005 - 2009

Licenses & Certifications

Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA)



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