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We are Registered Nurses with Over 40 Years of Experience While we do not provide medical advice, we can help educate you about your diagnosis and treatment and provide recommendations for second opinions, home care products and other resources. Although we are located in Texas, we perform consultations across the US and beyond. Whether the patient is a child or adult, we can help. CARE CONSULTANTS OF TEXAS provides a confidential, personalized plan to help NAVIGATE the maze of doctor visits and the healthcare system. As your medical ADVOCATE, we accompany (often via telephone), take detailed visit notes, ask questions, TRANSLATE and interpret medical jargon to help educate you about your diagnosis and treatment plan. We provide an impartial set of ears. After each visit, we recap and restate by creating a concise, understandable written “visit synopsis” which includes next steps. Patients report the written CCTX visit synopsis document allows them time to absorb and better understand the, often complex, content of each visit and treatment plan. They can share information with loved ones and refer back to the document as treatment continues and/or changes.

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