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As a former medical speech pathologist, Angie specializes in advocating for clients with chronic disease management.


As founder of Medical Advocacy Plus, Angie Galatas’ vision of becoming a patient advocate began following 30 years of observing patients and family members struggle to navigate through the health care system. Angie specializes in several areas and is genuinely passionate her work. With over 30 years of experience, she excels in navigating chronic diseases, neurological conditions (such as TBI and Stroke), throat/voice/swallowing, and cancer populations. She also embraces challenges, finding joy in assisting with rare diseases and medical billing intricacies. Her elder care population is also near and dear to her, as it is an honor to guide this cherished population. Their unique needs and experiences deserve tailored attention. Each specialization holds a special place in her heart, driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact. Angie also specializes in the areas of chronic and complex diseases. Her experience includes stroke, head injury, neurological diseases in addition to working in tandem with a laryngologist diagnosing and treating a variety of patients with throat and swallowing problems. She is located in Houston but can serve clients virtually if they don't need an in person advocate. In her career as a speech language pathologist, she noticed a disconnection to patient care. Some patients and families didn’t feel they were able to actively participate in decisions because they were unfamiliar with medical terminology, lab-testing results, medical coding and insurance billing. Once receiving medical information during their appointment, they often forgot the information or left to interpret the data to decide independently. This led the patient to frustration, anxiety and at a loss. To better understand the intricate details of patient care and provide appropriate counseling, she felt compelled to understand these areas and the clinical pathways determined by the medical team which led her to patient advocacy.

Top Specialties
Chronic Conditions

Chronic Conditions

Care Management

Care Management

Neurology (Brain, Nerve & Spinal Cord)

Neurology (Brain, Nerve & Spinal Cord)

Speech Language Voice and swallowing specialist

Texas ENT

2012 - 2021


Worked in tandem with a Laryngologist ENT. Performed videostroboscopy and fiber optic endoscopy evaluations to diagnose voice and swallowing problems in addition to acoustical analysis of the voice

Adjunct Professor

University of Houston

2002 - 2011


Provided clinical supervision for graduate students in the area of adult neurogenic and voice and swallowing

More About Angie

Louisiana State University

Master’s Degree

Licenses & Certifications

Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA)

Certificate of Clinical Competence of Speech Pathology (CCC)



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