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I am a diversely experienced RN who obtained a Master's Degree as an Advance Practice Nurse Generalist and a Master's in Business Administration. I had years of experience in Cardiac/Adult Intensive Care, Newborn Intensive Care, along with Pediatric and Geriatric care. I have worked in a healthcare quality, safety, and hospital accreditation organization, in collaboration with other national healthcare quality and safety institutions. I have worked in an academic setting as a Pediatric and Special Projects Clinical Educator. I have worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator in Pediatrics and Neonatology through which I was introduced to the world of clinical trials and how our lives are saved and improved by scientific advancements. I am also experienced in Home Health Care for Medicare visits, and pediatric visits, including IV therapies and other treatment procedures. I believe in patient and family-centered care, professional and collaborative approaches, and multidisciplinary care. I help clients reach well-informed decisions by providing current and relevant information on evidence-based standards. I believe in preventive and pre-emptive care. I believe that discharge planning starts on admission, that it’s important for the patient, family, clinicians, and advocate to be involved in care discussions at the outset and continuing through concurrent care . I accompany to clinic appointments and special procedures. I conduct hospital, other facilities, and home rounding, including off-hour visits.. I provided direct care, advocacy, and in-person/remote care management for my parents, other family members, and friends, as they struggled through their devastating conditions. These experiences along with my intensive care experiences enhanced my knowledge of creating a medical home. I have seen how medical errors occur and how they can be minimized or prevented. I have stood literally while mom's medications are being handed to her, and call out ones that should not have been there. One can only imagine what errors occur when no one is standing by our loved ones bedside. My father lived to be a relatively healthy 88-year old individual, despite his obstructive lung disease. One of his infrequent hospitalizations resulted in a severe bout of hospital-acquired C. difficile infection, commonly a result of antibiotic intake. This resulted in fluid resuscitation and transfer to the ICU because in my absence, he was not monitored for severity of symptoms and dehydration. I introduced to my father’s gastroenterologist who at the time was unaware of the protocol for a promising treatment and the very few research facilities in the country testing this innovation. Currently, this approved therapy is known as Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT), bacteriotherapy, or to put it simply, fecal (stool) transplant. Despite the initial resistance to treatment , my father's C. diff infection was ultimately resolved through the combined efforts and surveillance of the physician, patient, and family advocate. Travel to out-of-state FMT facilities was avoided. We managed to keep my father out of hospitals for the last four years of his life through health maintenance, infection prevention, and balancing life with socialization. I have also successfully advocated in reversing a denial of long-term care benefits, as well as restoration of a CNA license by a state board of nursing.

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Cardiology (Heart Conditions)

Cardiology (Heart Conditions)

Complex & Catastrophic Diagnoses

Complex & Catastrophic Diagnoses

Care Management

Care Management


Chicago Health Advocates, LLC

2009 - Present

Palos Park, IL

Independent patient advocacy, care planning/navigation/management, patient/family education, clinic visit accompaniment, medical records review, home/facilities rounding including off-hours, medical home set up, home or long term care transition,

Clinical Research Coordinator

The University of Chicago Biological Sciences Division/The University of Chicago Medical Center, Pediatrics/Neonatology

2007 - 2008

Chicago, IL

Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of Nitric Oxide Among Neonatal ICU Patients; Institutional Review Board Submission; Family Education/Subject Recruitment; Adverse Events Reporting (FDA); Managing Research Equipment (Ventilators) and Supplies; Record Mgt.

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Cebu Velez College

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North Park University

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North Park University

Master of Business Administration

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Registered Nurse (RN)



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