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My entry into patient advocacy started 18 years ago with a quest for a lung transplant to save my dad's life. He was near death from pulmonary fibrosis and beyond the transplant cut-off age in most hospitals. I persevered to get his records reviewed at the #1 transplant facility in the world and he received a lifesaving lung transplant at age 72. Since then, I have been on a different quest: to help other patients and families access and navigate our complicated health care system for the care they need. It is my pleasure and honor to help patients and families gain peace of mind from good and appropriate care.

A Bit About My Approach:

My top priority is listening to you: what are your medical concerns, your questions and goals for care? What are your goals for your health and life? Then, I match the knowledge you share with me with my knowledge of how to make health care work for you as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. As a born "research geek", I mine all possible medical and care resources to help you reach your goals. Along the way, I freely share my expertise picked up over the past 18 years as an advocate helping patients and their families with serious, complex medical concerns. I am flexible in how we work together: do you need a coach or more of a care manager? Let's discuss what best fits your needs and budget.

What To Expect From Our Intro Call:

It is very helpful in our first call to hear about your concerns and any care (or medical advice) you've already received. We also discuss the questions on your mind and your goals. We cover, too, how an advocate can help you, and in some cases, how we can't. If I feel that your situation is beyond my expertise or role, I will let you know that. If we seem to be a match (entirely your call!), I will let you know when you can expect a proposal from me about next steps - usually in a day or two. The proposal is just a few pages and Solace will notify you when you can view it on this site.

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Care Coordination

Care Coordination



Assisted Living & Nursing Home Placement

Assisted Living & Nursing Home Placement


Safe & Sound in the Hospital: Must-Have Checklists and Tools for Your Loved One's Care

This guide, published in 2012, will be re-issued again in 2023. It's out of stock on Amazon, but you can read the reviews here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0615490646#customerReviews. The updated version will cover many more topics.


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Founded non-profit to help patients' families learn how to advocate for their loved ones' best care during hospital stays, surgeries, ER care, pregnancy, birth and more. We offer free downloadable checklists, in simple terms, with simple "to-do's."

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University of Oregon

BA, Honors College

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Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA)

Certified Patient Experience Consultant



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