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Normally, when you’re healthy and feeling well, you rarely think about whether your resources will support you in the event of illness or injury. When challenges do arise, it’s best to have someone to work with to help you get back toy our daily lives. Perfect Sense Care Management understands that you want to live your life without the daily disruptions that can result from having to manage your health-care and health-related matters. Because I work for you, not an insurance company, I provide you with honest, compassionate and effective attention. I promote your living in carefree dignity with whatever health or wellness challenges may present themselves. In the hospital setting, Case Managers work to insure that the hospital is doing everything possible to deliver care to you. When you're at home, trying to deal with issues around medications or needing a referral to a specialist, who is there to work with you to insure your success? I am!

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Care Assessments

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Care Management

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Care Coordination

Perfect Sense Care Management


2011 - 2023

Hilo, HI

Individualized telephonic and in-person health-care management services to private individuals. Personalized healthcare assessments and care-plans for private-pay individuals. Liaison to healthcare providers and specialists.

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Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA)



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