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RN (Retired) Transformational Health & Life Coach at Wellness Warriors for Life, LLC

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Dina Legland is a Certified Life and Wellness Coach who uses her personal and professional experience to help clients conquer their fears to achieve a lifestyle filled with joy, freedom, and inner peace. As the founder of Wellness Warriors for Life, LLC Dina is a Wellness Warrior, Registered Nurse and EMT for over 30 years. Dina spent her professional life taking care of others by treating home care patients as a field nurse, children as a public-school nurse and as a home care agency director. She exemplifies what it means to be a strong, courageous leader in the community. Helping others is simply a part of who she is. As the Inner Warrior Coach, she educates people to face their greatest fears, transforming them into being empowered and confident. Dina is uniquely qualified to support others to release their fears given her own personal struggles with debilitating fears and how she overcame and mastered it. As a cancer survivor and thrivor, Dina always says, "Cancer Saved My Life, and My Fears Almost Killed Me" Her journey and experience of battling and being victorious has contributed to her passion and purpose. Her mission is to share her experiences, wisdom, tools, strategies, and humor to conquer uncontrollable fears, and to seek inner wellness with freedom guilt free. When not working with clients, you can find Dina on podcasts and speaking to organizations around the world. She loves exploring nature trails, dancing to live music, walking on the beach, and tasting wine at vineyards with her husband of 34+ years and two daughters.

Top Specialties
Decision-Making Support

Decision-Making Support

Emotional Support

Emotional Support

Family & Caregiver Support

Family & Caregiver Support

Founder & CEO

Wellness Warriors for Life, LLC

2016 - Present

Partner with healthcare providers to fill the gap between providers’ instructions and patients’ successful outcome Individual and group coaching programs are customized to help clients conquer their innermost fears that keep them stuck

IV Immunotherapy RN

Integrative Medicine of NY

2018 - 2019

Administers various IV therapy infusions, using Port-A-Cath, PICC line, PIV Mixes various pharmaceutical and homeopathic remedies and medications Develops plan of care with Physician based on patient assessment

More About Dina

Molloy University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

1987 - 1990

Health Coach Institute

Certified Transformation in Health & Life Coaching

2017 - 2019

Licenses & Certifications

Registered Nurse (RN)

Certified Health & Life Coach



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